Information Technology must improve business results. At Recursive we makes sure it does.

We offer consulting services to offer a comprehensive look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our Clients' business.
Our expertise provides an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets, and to identify potential issues or bottlenecks within their existing infrastructure.

Nowadays companies cannot afford anymore to treat Information Technology as a cost center. More and more, an efficient IT infrastructure spurs growth of the business, identifying and enabling new opportunities.
We help our Clients to align their IT departments with business needs, and we work closely with them to develop functional growth plans based on IT's unrealized potential.
Our approach identifies the necessary technology and IT capabilities required to enable the business strategy.

Consulting as a Process (click to enlarge).

Our 5 steps approach

We have developed and road-tested a five-step process to unlock IT's full potential in order to deliver true business value:

  • 1. Identify business requirements and potential: such requirements are the Client's most urgent priorities derived from their corporate vision and strategy. Alignment with IT strategy begins with defining such requirements and identifying the key factors required to each business unit to support them.
  • 2. Define IT capabilities to support requirements: executives and IT managers are involved at this step in order to clearly define which requirements are needed from the IT design in order to satisfy the business requirements.
  • 3. Architecture and Operational design: the identification and selection of a proper operational design plays a key role to guarantee full technologic support as the business needs evolve. In order to create a durable infrastructure, we work together with IT managers to carefully design specifications for the final application, determine how data is going to be manipulated and decide how the infrastructure will store it.
  • 4. IT Strategy roadmap development: key investments are identified at this step to help closing the emerging gaps as the process evolves.
  • 5. Asset reallocation as priorities evolve: in order to maximize efficiency, companies must periodically reasses whether their technology investments remain aligned to business priorities, and to dynamically take action whenever it is needed.

  • W3C Standard Compliance (CSS,XHTML) and validation
  • Accessibility Standards Implementation
  • Governmental Standards Implementation
  • Technology Refresh and Renewal

IT Technology Consulting

Many times companies already have developed IT technologies and solutions, and would like them to be improved beyond their capabilities, or require ordinary or special maintenance / certifications that are not able to provide themselves.
Recursive IT Technology Consulting provides services of Standard-Compliance verification and implementation on existing software and/or Web products, keeping the workload overhead to a minimum and letting our Clients focus on their main business while we take care of the technicalities.

Education and Seminars

We offer Education services, Seminars/Webinars and Training Programs for all our software products.
Lectures may take place at our Clients' business location or within our lecture rooms.
On request we are able to provide structured courses on a wide range of IT topics, technology-specific formation and field training.
We provide original reading material, guided exercises and result assessment, with optional final exams and evaluation.