Car Dealership 360 Car Rotation Plugin


SpinnVill Auto is a renown Norwegian car dealership. As part of their website renovation works, their competent team got stuck on the issue of being able to offer their clients, a 3D view of their cars for sale.

To achieve this goal, they contacted Recursive Software, and less than 10 days later, we were able to provide them with a complete all-in-one solution, which allows them to easily take and display 360 pictures of their cars.

The process is extremely simple: a camera operator takes a series of images around the car (optionally using a rotating platform like the one in the picture). These pictures are then bulk-loaded into a Wordpress plugin which automatically processes them, into a 360 3D model, which can be inserted with ease in any page of the website, with a few clicks!

The 3D models also support zooming, panning, and the addition of clickable hotspots, which can be an extremely useful sales tool, to highlight features or add remarks, to each used car for sale.