Bettingmind Odds Platform


Bettingmind is a novel platform for retrieving and displaying real-time sports data.

Bettingmind is managed by industry professionals with the aim of aiding everyone who wants to be serious about betting.

It took Recursive around 1 year to bring to the market this innovative piece of software, which features several technological excellence points:

- Integration with remote (based in Malta) servers to retrieve real time sports data

- Massive data manipulation (11 sports, 9 bookmakers, over 50 countries, with updates incoming every minute)

- Innovative front end and web design: the application is fully responsive and scales well across a wide range of mobile devices and screens

- External cooperation with content editing companies, to bring the product to market.

Bettingmind instances the latest proprietary Recursive technology to deliver real-time sports and odds data. Check out some more information about it here!