Mimba Social Network


"We all have something to give.
We can all contribute towards a better world.
We have skills, knowledge, networks, experience, time, ideas and we all have capabilities yet to be discovered.
But most importantly we have big hearts.
And we want to spend our extra time and brain power for the benefit of others.
Across the world women and children die and suffer needlessly.
Many small actions from many people will save lives. "

And that is why Finnish Non-Profit Organization M4ID have created Mimba: the world’s biggest heart and brain.
Mimba is a social media platform and takes you on a journey: set your goal, help with your skills, learn new things, develop yourself, connect with like-minded peers, jump into action and follow progress and demand accountability.
Mimba is a global network that brings together the needs and skills of people contributing to women and children’s health and rights.

Recursive is the technological partner which cured the development of the core of the software platform. Visuals are signed by Design Consultant Okan Ogeturk.

This project implements all the standard features of a Social Network: from the registration, to the profile page, wall, internal messaging, organization pages, content feed, timeline, etc. It is based on Django 1.9 and leverages its caching capabilities for great scaling features.