Mobile App Food & Wine 2016


This app is the updated 2016 version of Enoteka.

The app, compatible with iOS, Windows Mobile and Android, now offers an extended set of features. One of the main ones is that the order management system has been extended to support food in addition to wines.

By means of the same administration interface, restaurant owners who opt to use Food & Wine to manage orders at their venue, can now configure several different menus, and have them rendered beautifully across the app, their venue's website (even if managed by third parties), and their printed media. 

Food and Wine supports now an advanced, per-device PIN protected order management interface, which allows to edit active orders on the fly.

The innovative customizable order feature allows for some dishes' ingredients to be customized by the clients while they place their order. The set of ingredients that may be modified (together with advanced parameters like cost for adding/remove the ingredient) is editable by the venue manager, and synchronizes automatically with the rest of the order-management system that Food & Wine offers.

Food & Wine is developed for and available for licensing exclusively from MWay Communication.

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