Recursive Control Center 2.0


Recursive Control Center 2.0+ (sometimes marketed as MWay CC) is one of Recursive's most mature software.
Tens of customers are enjoying today the ease of use of this completelyinnovative Content Management System and Back-end interface, which can be instantiated in different contexts according to the most various requirements.
The flexibility of the system relies in its MVC structure. The Model layer is customized accordingly to each installation, and the data is persisted transparently on a multitude of different supported DBMS.
An auto-generated API (Controller) is then able to offer complete CRUD functionalities to the Front-end (View) part of the web application, which is logically disconnected from the rest of the system.
An extremely user-friendly and responsive interface allows system administrators to configure each and every parameter/content entry of the website without having to deal with complex details or knowing any programming/markup language.