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New Opportunities during the 2020 Pandemic

2020 has been an exceptional year so far. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed forever the way people do business, seeing a massive shift towards the software industry.

While some sectors are struggling due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the technology sector has seen a massive increase during the latest months.

This has been true at Recursive as well, and this year so far we have completed 11 new projects for 8 new Clients, in addition to all the existing ones.

Some of the latest works include:

  • A corporate website for a world famous, exclusive domain name provider
  • A sports betting platform which features real-time sports odds and referral link system
  • A medical records archiving software, currently in use in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • A novel Invoice Management System for small businesses
  • A massive, parallel scientific computation to simulate wave regimes in open sea
  • Over 130 assistance tickets were resolved
  • Several websites and portals developed, some of which include the design of original graphics
  • Two media productions

Check out all other works here.

We recently also appeared on the Italian TV Show Presa Diretta, on Rai3 national channel, where our Project Manager Andrea Giudici discussed the opportunities of doing business in Estonia. The full episode is available here.

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By Recursive | 09/18/2020

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