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2017 UX/UI and Web Design Upgrade

For 2017 we updated our web development pipeline in order to offer even faster and more solid revisions on all our web design and UI/UX development work.

The new pipeline is based on a number of phases, agreed preemptively with the Client, at the end of each the final deliverables are reviewed, together with the Client, and made available for amendment proposals. Each phase allows for up to 5 revisions of the web layouts and HTML/CSS/JS implementation, so to be sure to always be on the right track, when dealing with lengthy and ambitious web-based projects.

Clients are equally welcome to discuss any modification with us in person, or via Skype meetings.

Please have a look at the portfolio of our recent works, to get a glance of what we are capable of delivering at Recursive Software.

Once more, our approach at web development is renewed and updated, to follow the latest trends in the industry and technology. Since 2013 we do our best to provide the most cost-effective, practical and working software solutions in Tallinn, Estonia.

By Recursive | 02/27/2017

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