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Summer Internship at Recursive

After 2 long months of intense reviews and heavy Email traffic, we finally have selected the ideal candidate for our open position as summer intern. We welcome Nikos Zois as part of the team.

Nikos has a strong background in Computer Science as well as proven experience in the field of practical development. He will help with the restyling of our corporate website as well as cooperate in ongoing projects.

Nikos comes to Estonia from Greece, thanks to the Erasmus program, which allows students to earn a salary during their mandatory internships, as part of their studies. The program is extremely useful both for students, who can get a glimpse of how things work in the 'real world' , and for us in order to have fresh academic minds helping with our development work.

New positions will soon open for the Development Winter Internship. The call for applicants will be published onto this space.

By Recursive | 08/12/2015

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