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1. Follow the steps of the wizard.

2. Use the bar sliders to edit your preferences.

3. Customize your website in few steps, and see an estimation of the project size, impact and cost.

4. Review your project.

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Template based Website.

Fast development
Basic customization


Design fully based on your recommendations.

Original design
Dedicated developer
Best value



The best of our knowledge.

Original design
Dedicated developer
Reselling rights
FREE 1 Year Domain
FREE Changes after deploy

Static pages are pages whose content is not likely to change. For example, a Contacts page is a static one.

There's no need to be too precise. You can specify a range if you wish.

Dynamic pages host content which is likely to change often: News pages, Picture galleries, etc.

Recursive Control Center™ provides enhanced back-office and content management features.

Select the advanced design options that you would like to include.
For a detailed description of the available services, please refer to this page.

Select the features you would like for your project.
For a detailed description of the available services, please refer to this page.

If you wish, you can add here a brief description of what the website should look and work like.
This will help us to present to you our best offer based on a more clear idea of the desired final result.

The first step to realize your website is complete
Here is a review of the options you selected, and an estimate of the realization cost (€).
The plot shows the total cost as a function of the necessary time (in days) to complete the project.

You can go back to any of the steps and change parameters to fine tune your design.

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