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Static pages are pages whose content is not likely to change. For example, a Contacts page is a static one.

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Dynamic pages host content which is likely to change often: News pages, Picture galleries, etc.

Recursive Control Center™ provides enhanced back-office and content management features.

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We use creativity and the best web technologies to develop beautiful, cost-effective, and highly usable Designs / Web solutions.

Web development is fast-paced world, and we know that we must be able to offer the latest and the best technologies in order to remain competitive.
With over 8 years of experience, we are proud to offer our extensive know-how at the service of our Clients.

To achieve Excellence, a Web Design must smoothly combine ease of use and sharp Brand promotion: we use creativity & the best web technologies to produce eye-catching, very cost-effective, and user-friendly Design / Web solutions to ensure that our websites deliver on both counts.

We also love to design standalone or site-specific landing pages to convey the attention on a specific product.

Restaurant Menu Manager App, for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

What we offer:

In addition to a dedicated 24/7 support line and same-day intervention plans on all our Web Designs, we are able to offer complete solutions based on the following services and technologies:

User Experience (UX) design is a process aimed at giving a user the best possible experience when using a website.
A user shall be able to immediately find the functionalities he needs, in a quick, enjoyable, effortless and smooth way.
Usability is truly a big thing nowadays, and we make sure to thoroughly investigate every new website design in order to deliver an exceptional level of ease of use and flat learning curves.We can offer live testing sessions for all designs and validate usability guidelines against various types of demographic.

User Experience is strictly tied to the screen layout design of different components of a website.
User Interface designs IS the product itself, and even more: UI design is the understanding of how users need to interact with a website in the real world. Their world.
The Recursive Paradigm™ approach at UI design usually involves several steps:

  • User Research: an in-depth analysis of the demographic of the website. The process involves basically talking to users and/or watch them using the website.
  • Wireframes: we produce screen layouts without aestethics. Functionalities are evaluated by the Client and rapid design iterations are made possible through weekly meetings.
  • Visual Design: we partner with the best designers on the market to translate Wireframes into beautiful layouts, integrating branding elements and great photography.
  • User Testing: during this step, we simply present the final design to users, and analyze the way they respond to it, in order to smooth out any possible design glitch that may have been left out in prior steps.
  • Markup: in this phase the visual design is translated into functional HTML/CSS/JS code.
Sometimes Customers express their wish to implement Their own custom designs, but lack the complex technical skills necessary to translate them into real-world, functioning, responsive and/or mobile compatible websites.
We offer the possibility to provide us with your Photoshop© PSD files and to translate them into working HTML/CSS/JS code.

In this way, our more creative Clients will have full control on their design, while we will take care of all the technicalities and scripting requirements.

Content-centered Websites need a more standardized approach at large-dataset management: this is why under certain conditions it is recommendable to opt for solutions based on widely used Content Management Systems (CMS).
These systems allow users to have a finely-tuned design which is ready for intensive, multi-author content editing, and natively supports a wide variety of plug-ins (convenient E-commerce solutions, Picture galleries, Booking systems, etc), to satisfy every requirement.
All of our web designs are made compatible with the widest possible range of mobile devices.
Where needed, we offer the possibility to develop device-specific (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) Apps in order to take full advantage of smart-enabled mobile device features (camera, localization, RFID tag scanning, etc.).
We offer also the development of mobile enabled APIs for existing projects, to enable our Clients to extend the functionalities of their existing websites towards mobile devices.
The use of Frameworks vs plain code is the hot topic of these last years in the Web Development world.
Big and complex projects require much more control and heavy use of best-practices in order to be efficinetly maintained through their development cycle.
This is why at Recursive we are proud to be able to offer a multi-year experience with the major frameworks available today, and we are road-tested to deliver Play! and Symfony (just to name the two most largely adopted ones) applications perfectly tailored for our Recursive Paradigm™.
Clients appreciate the dramatic increase in quality-control and reduced development times, while maintaining costs and resource-impact of unforeseen problems to a minimum.
Without any doubt, when facing the most ambitious challenges, the use of such best-practices is most recommendable, with immediate verifiable advantages over a more traditional flat PHP/Java approach. Here is a brief 6-points list to highlight the major benefits of adopting such an approach:

  • Reputation: these environments are widely adopted and internationally recognized. They feature extremely large user bases and ever-lasting support from their proprietary companies.
  • Performance: designed by professionals for professionals, frameworks are first and foremost pragmatic tools, the features of which address real-world problems, and doing so with an astounding performance and scalability when compared to more traditional approaches.
  • References: hundreds of websites and applications of all sizes and types trust frameworks as their foundation (think of Drupal, Yahoo Dailymotion, Opensky.com just to name some).
  • Innovation: tools offered by frameworks are of great innovative value, and the constant level of top-class innovation provided by frameworks developers is unmatched.
  • Resources: a framework approach most likely has a much smaller resource footprint than its alternatives, making it ideal also for low-budget conditions.
  • Interoperability: dependency injection, translations management, forms management are just some of the interoperable aspects that allow custom solutions to be based only partially on such frameworks.
Retailers can take advantage of a multitude of existing solutions to handle online orders and payments.
We offer fully customizable E-commerce applications to offer a top-notch online shopping experience:

  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Supply chain management
  • Online transaction processing
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Data Collection

With the ever growing interest in Digital Currencies, we are now able to offer and fully support Bitcoin-based payment systems and services.
Bitcoin is a completely open-source cryptocurrency, and it is 100% secure and it offers the great advantage of having basically inexistent transaction fees. Being it still unregulated in most countries, it is a very interesting low-tax solution for accepting cross-border payments.

Brand identity and Marketing of a business are key factors in modern advertisement.
While lots of companies offer very fuzzy programs to implement online marketing strategies, at Recursive we apply a down-to-earth approach, which offers well defined strategies to increase a Business' presence on the Social Media grounds, while providing consistent and solid data collection mechanisms, the product of which can be used and trusted to produce statistics, forecasts and real time evaluations.
Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and statistics generation is offered for free with any web development project.

The task of managing a website's content is always an important one. Each website though has a different required level of maintenance and each Client has a specific interest in managing a different set of contents/parameters.
This is the driving reason that lead us to develop through the years a unified Back-office Management Interface.
This interface is in fact a fully fledged control panel which is built in an entirely modular way, allowing us to deploy it to either existing and built-from-scratch systems.
The control panel offers unlimited features and we are ready to offer pre-built modules for general purpose applications:

  • Photo/Video gallery editor
  • Booking manager
  • Multilanguage editor
  • Rich Text content editor
  • External hardware interfaces (e.g. weather stations, sensors, etc.)
  • Item list manager
  • Website access control
  • News Editor
WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. It is integrated completely into all the web standards of the browser allowing GPU accelerated usage of physics and image processing and effects as part of the web page canvas.
With the use of such innovative technology it is possible to deliver, to a wide gamma of devices, a fully immersive 3D experience to achieve complex visualizations and animations, the realization of online Games and scientific/industrial advanced web-based visualization solutions.