San Lorenzo | Stornelli


San Lorenzo al Mare is a municipality located on the Italian Western Riviera. When the former Mayor decided to put together a collection of Stornelli (a poem in music typical of the Italian tradition), he turned to Recursive Software.
What he needed was an all-round service which required:

  • The production of video materials, including voice overs, for all the Stornelli. This step was performed locally, in Tallinn, where a local artist and a professional editing studio were involved.
  • The design of a landing website, where to show the history of the project, its sponsors, as well as allowing visitors to listen to the Stornelli.
  • The production of over 500 wooden USB-Flashdrives, carved with the San Lorenzo city logo.

All these requirements were coupled tight time requirements.

The entire work was completed in a record 23 days, with all the manufactured material handed over to the client, who was positively surprised with the result.