Wedding Page - Paolo e Serena


Having a small one-page website has become a very fashionable trend nowadays. 

For this project, performed for Mario Rossello, renown Italian photographer, a young couple, Marco e Serena, required an extra touch of care for the design of their online testament to their love. We happily obliged by providing them with animating a custom-drawn logo that a comic drawer provided, and integrating its style within all the website.

This sleek, fully responsive one-pager also includes a photo gallery, which can be updated in real time, and two contact forms, for the RSVP, and generic contact respectively.

Optionally, similarly made websites for wedding and ceremonies can include also:

  • Social feed live streaming
  • Guestbook
  • Invitations and queue management
  • Online booking w/ payments
  • Guest-only access areas with shared galleries / pages / etc.