QTRAC - Eulerian Trajectory Tracking


QTRAC is an Eulerian Trajectory simulation environment, currently in use at Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology.
It processes output data files from the OAAS model. This model is a primitive-equation, time-dependent, free-surface, baroclinic model based on hydrostatic approximation and specifically designed for simulations of ocean circulation in basins with complicated geometry.
The software QTRAC runs in the desktop environment and simulated the release of floating matter within vector velocity surface fields. 
Using the software it is then possible to analyze each single Eulerian trajectory as well as obtaining complext vector-field visualizations and perform basin-wide calculations of statistics and advanced parameters. One of these parameters is specifically the so-called FTC (Finite Time Compressibility) which is the object of intense studies in the field of physical oceanography.
QTRAC is written using .NET and runs on Windows based machines.