Hardware and Interfaces

Temperature Monitoring Station with Integrated SD logger and touch interface.

6 DOF platform prototype.

Automation Systems

Automatic management of devices and machinery always is a crucial task, which can impact deeply on our Clients' business.
A wide spectrum human intervention is often the first step taken when dealing with complex architectures and processes, but this approach soon renders itself too error-prone and costly.
This is why once reaching the crucial point where automation becomes necessary, it is important to be able to deliver seamlessly integrated automation systems on which is safe to rely.
We offer automation solutions for a very broad range of applications, including:

  • Home automation and Domotics
  • Satellite and indoor positioning
  • Numeric control
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Weather stations
  • Echosound Measurement Devices

Prototype Development

We design and build custom hardware prototypes for experimental, scientific and field-specific usage.
Rapid Prototype Development (RPD) is achieved by using modern agile hardware platforms. Common applications include:

  • RFID Tag Applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and dataloggers
  • Human (Touch, Voice, Facial Recognition) Interfaces
  • Speech Synthesis
  • Automated Video Analysis
  • Custom measurement devices
  • Motion controllers
  • Automotive applications

Case study:

Raspberry Pi based prototyping.

Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer which is often used in education in computer science.
Its compact size and ARM-based architecture make of this device an ideal rapid-prototype development platform, which we endorse and often offer to our Clients.

Key advantages

Supported by a very large community, the Raspberry platform is the ideal foundation for a solid prototype.
Being a low-cost device, it is great for keeping budgets low during the delicate phase of prototyping, while still delivering satisfying performance.
Complex and various peripherals are easily interfaceable with it, to quickly put together any sort of prototype.

Performance and scalability

The presence of the integrated Broadcom BCM2835 graphics chip makes the Raspberry Pi an ideal platform for any type of application involving resource expensive applications like real-time image and video signal processing.
A very modular approach makes it possible to combine various units together to deliver even higher performance.

A network traffic analysis tool entirely based on Raspberry Pi and custom software implementation by Recursive