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Online Photo Selling Tool pre-release

Selling photos online is a difficult task, despite the existence of several tools.

Modern times photographers must often chose between paying high fees for selling their art on market places, or the complexity of custom made software, which is often difficult to integrate into existing websites or eCommerce.

Coming in 2019, we announce an innovative tool, which can be used by professional and amateur photographers to sell their pictures online. The tool uses PayPal as a simple payment backend and is extremely easy to integrate onto any existing website, as easy as copying a few files.

The application, whose name still remains classified, will offer three license types:

- Free license, allows to use all the features, minus the sale of pictures. Photos can still be ordered through the order tracking app and the CRM, but payments are disabled.

- Pay-as-you-go license, is completely free to use, and allows for the sale of photos. Only after photos are sold, a small (and fixed!) fee is paid for each photo which is sent out.

- Full license - the unlimited, full version of the program.

By Recursive | 06/16/2019

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