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May Your Christmas be #FFF

Recursive is closing down for the Christmas season from the 22nd of December until the 3rd of January.
All urgent Emails can be sent to Andrea who will be responsive throughout the holidays, when he is not home eating Panettone!

It' s been a terrific year for Recursive, which underwent massive growth for the third year in a row. Projected growth in 2014 has been of over 150%.
During the past year, we have achieved each Software firm' s dream of obtaining 100% client satisfaction, where all the projects agreed were delivered to entirely satisfy the initial requirements. 

Of course we also have room for improvement. The average delay for our projects has been of 23% above the estimates, which is a low figure but where we can still do better. We are fully aware that software development is not an exact science, like many other fields of engineering, but we are determined to bring these figures down in the future.

Our website last year has almost crossed the mark of 100K visualizations, scoring a rough 97K. We are glad to have much improved our presence on search engines and that the quality of contacts we receive is now steadily converging to great Clients with projects which hit the core of our know-how.

We would like to thank all the people involved in making Recursive a story of success in these first years, and specifically an honorable mention goes to Allan, Francesco and Nikos, who recently joined to help us. Their work, dedication and passion motivates us to go forward and to keep striving to bring affordable custom solutions which beat the market standards by all means. 

May you Christmas be #FFF (or RGB(255,255,255), if using different color coordinates), and the upcoming Year be great.

By Recursive | 12/21/2015

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