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TehnoHack 2015 - Floud

Floud (download PDF Intro here) is a Cloud-based Flood Prevention System.
We aim at realizing a production-ready device during the 3 days of the competition.
It's functionality spans across 3 main areas:

  1. A distributed flood monitoring device.
    Municipalities and cities may install networks of low-cost water detection systems, which can work synergically to provide a real-time flooding status mapping and modeling, which is unprecedented.
  2. An individual safety device.
    Individuals can benefit from using Floud by receiving timely alerts whenever their properties or valuables are under imminent risk of flood, and monitor the status in real time through an app.
  3. A Tool for Science.
    The ever growing ideas of citizen science and corwdsourcing are the hot topic of nowadays scientific research. Combined with an unprecedented network of flooding sensors, science can greatly benefit from such extensive data collection platform.

Tehnohack 2015 is sponsored by Estonian Skeemipesa and takes place in Mektory, the innovation center of Tallinn University of Technology.

If you like this idea, we would appreciate if you expressed your preference for the idea named "Floud" on the Official Facebook TehnoHack 2015 Page.

By Recursive | 10/30/2015

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