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Car wash audio deployment

On a Sunday trip to the south-eastern part of Estonia, Võru, we completed the installation of the first 3 of 26 total audio modules which will be built to function together with the Aquarama (r) car wash bays, produced by the Italian firm Aquarama.

The audio modules are based on a custom hardware and custom firmware interface which dialogues with the existing button interface of the industrially produced car wash. The audio guides help new clients to get accustomed to the many and useful features of this innovative self-service line of car wash systems.

The audio modules have built-in support for remote App management of the audio files, together with multi-language audio files.

The car wash bays installed in Võru represent the state of the art of nowadays technology. Their design is signed by Pininfarina and their core technology feature high-tech water filtering solution and water-quality monitoring devices. The objective of our client is to beat the weak competition on the Estonian market to become a leader in the field in the medium term.

By Recursive | 09/27/2015

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