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Corporate website restyling

Our corporate website just underwent some restyling during this hot summer break.

After delaying such necessary upgrades for a long time, during the past semester, we finally found time to add some important features which were missing in the previous version on the website. To cite a few:

  • Renovated and fresher overall look.
  • A brand new Blog, to help us be in touch with other software and hardware enthusiasts, as well as an extra mean to promptly broadcast important service messages.
  • An updated portfolio.
  • An updated 'light' version of our Recursive Control Center which allows us to show the capabilities and advantages of such features to our Clients.

All these changes were made as part of a SEO optimization aimed at increasing the amount of dynamic content on our website, in order to gain visibility on the most important search engines. The very same procedure is an integral part of our SEO and Web design packages.

By Recursive | 08/13/2015

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