About us

"We implement a rigid development cycle, tailored for you and your business."

Recursive Software Development OÜ was founded in 2013 as the natural evolution of the professional career of a well-tested group of professionals.
After working together for over 5 years, the original team of people comes together to strengthen its professional identity on the International Market.
Our headquarters are located in Tallinn, Estonia, with an office located also in Albenga, Italy.

We do software development, web development and hardware design in accordance to your needs. All these products are beautifully crafted and add real value to your business.

We build on strong academic foundations

We base our knowledge on strong academic grounds, and we have at least 5 years experience with all the technologies we offer.
We are able to provide finely-tuned software development processes for technologies like .NET, PHP, Javascript, Python, UML, C/C++ and a multitude of broadly used Frameworks built on top of them.
We make sure to follow every step of the software / web development process from the initial idea until the implemented solution.
The entire process will be divided in clear sub-phases over which our Clients will always have a comprehensive overview and performance assessments.
Our clients are deeply involved through the whole software development or web design process, and given the chance to provide us with constant and timely feedback by the means of SCRUM meetings and open discussion.

Specialization of tasks

By specializing the development of each component of a project, we are able to heavily parallelize the development work, and to merge and integrate the different sub-products only at the right moment, to minimize unexpected delays and complications. Such approach allows our Clients to further focalize on the presentation layer of a software application, leaving all the technical details in the hands of our developers.

Mutual Trust

Outsourcing software development may be a delicate step for a Company, as it requires a large amount of trust. Mutual trust is essential component of an efficient communication: we understand that it has to be earned, and we genuinely appreciate the challenge of delivering a flawless performance. Such approach may seem overly optimistic, but at Recursive we believe that it is a fundamental requirement in order to maintain us highly competitive on the market.

Meet the project manager.

Andrea Giudici


10 Years of development experience, Andrea is a researcher at Tallinn University of Technology. When he is not trying to win a Nobel Prize or working at Recursive he is a passionate skier and an avid electronics and aviation enthusiast.
"I am an Italian software designer from Albenga, and 6 years ago I moved up North to Estonia in order to continue my academic career. Ever since, I have been involved in the surprisingly sparkling technological environment that I found here, and have been cooperating in different projects. Recursive Software is the second company I am actively involved with here in Estonia, after having worked for 2 years at another startup implementing geolocalization technologies.
Nowadays, my job at Recursive is to make sure that everything works exactly in the way it was planned, and that products are delivered to our Clients exactly the way the wish them to be and in a timely manner."

E-mail: andrea [at] recursive [dot] ee